Monday, April 25, 2011

Mum's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday and we went to the zoo. I didn't charge the camera so there are not pictures of that. (Sorry!!) Anyway, aunty Yu Ling baked my mom a gigantic banana cake.
That night, after I charged the camera, my dad took us to a japanese restaurant. 
We got a private room at the back. "FANCY..." was all I could think of in my head.

This is the cake I baked for my mom. It has loads of chocolate in it! yum... :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

One nice comment makes everything worthwhile

I turn on my computer, like I always do. Not because there is something I need to do online, but because I can't think of anything better to do to waste my time. (I'm going to put an end on that soon, by the way.) I do the usual, log onto facebook, twitter, youtube... it's always the same. Nothing to expect... then I see a " 1 comment" at the side of my youtube page and I prayed very hard that it would not be a bad comment. I couldn't hide the smile on my face when I read the words in black and white. Right there, in front of me.
""OMG!! i totally love this! i'd try and love to cover it and upload my version! but for the time being i'm gonna play it again n again as long as i can! love the lyrics! amazing!! :)"
It makes all the times I doubted myself and had people say mean things go away. It makes everything worthwhile. It's different when someone comments about a cover of a song, but when it's a comment about the lyrics and it's a good comment, I'm very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That song is called 'You Don't Have To" and I think I've told the story already... I wrote a song lying upside down on my bed because I was bored and then the next day I heard Taylor Swift's song but it was just the chorus. It had the same chords as the song I wrote the day before and I recorded it and it has gotten really good feedback. 

Bugs Bunny and the symphony

Today we went to KLCC to watch Bugs Bunny at the symphony. They play the music while a screen shows the cartoons. It's like a tribute to those cartoons and music. 

Doesn't he look so cute it the vest? He likes to dress smart.

A whole cup of cookies & cream shake and here's the end result...

Other than the concert, I looked forward to the yummy juices they sell at KLCC. My favorite is mango passion- it has yogurt and loads of mango and sourish passion fruits. One cup is more than enough for my lunch! 

Every time I come here I like to stare at the beautiful celling they have at the hall. It's mesmerizing, isn't it?

With the cartoons playing in the background, I don't get the urge to fall asleep as much... I'm kidding! 
the music was fantastic! Without it, the cartoons will be boring. I admire the violinists who play so fast during the chasing scenes, and they're all in sync! wow. 

everything is fancy. even the celling outside the hall.

clearly she is shocked to see it too. 

It was a full moon day today and the moon was shining bright and yellow in front of us. A rare sight to see in the city which is filled with building s cutting through the clouds. 

We went to Kinokuniya and Arian got a Justin Bieber book. He looks up to Justin, it's cute. Not like the on-the-verge-to-obsessed kind of fan, but he wants to be like him one day. 

Goofing around before dinner while waiting for the food to arrive....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Songwriters Round.

Last night, my family and I went to KL to watch a songwriters event where singer/songwriters showcase their songs and sing together. It was really amazing. Despite the fact that it was at a bar, the setting was nice and the songs were really good. I especially admire the guitar playing skills of the performers, all of them play so well! It was an inspiring night. I've got loads to work at if I want to get there and further. 
I played around with my new M-Audio FastTrack (which is a little box that records microphone and guitar sounds into my computer- I call the setup my mini room recording studio) and recorded one of my favorite songs to sing, Sparks Fly. I'll upload it as soon as I figure out how :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have no feelings, emotion or anything. If I had any, they're buried somewhere really deep inside of me. Having an over expressive sister either makes me more expressive than her, or being completely guarded. I'm guarded. I am heartless. Cold as ice and frozen. I am like a robot incapable of showing fear, hope or happiness. I spend my days trying to find my feelings, trying to get them out. I can't. The only way I could do it is through music and writing songs, and I do that by myself. All by myself, alone, in my room all day hidden from everything and everyone. I don't speak much about my feelings. I don't speak much at all.
My life is not falling apart, I am not heartbroken, I'm not depressed. I have issues. There, I admit it. I think everyone has a right to feel this way. It's not always blue skies and things are not always alright, but everything happens for a reason. Not quite sure what that reason is yet though.

I have not been blogging lately because I didn't have anything to say. Weird coming from the person who always has something to write about. I don't know why my words seemed to have run dry. Song writing was slow too. Maybe because I have not been feeling much. (I can only write if I am feeling any emotion very strongly.) Things will change today. Today, I will blog. I will blog a lot about everything and anything that pops in and out of my mind.  :)
Firstly, I am happy right now. Happy because I just got a really cool box like thing from times square!! It's an M-Audio FastTrack used to record voice and guitar at the same time. I am also happy because I am starting my little home recording studio. Bit by bit, it's coming together.
We went for my grand aunt's birthday party last night, and it was okay... Well, better than the last few years though. It's hard to hang out with family, my mom's family is huge! (so is my dad's but they don't get along as well so we don't really meet up..) Most of them don't really speak english, and those who do... well, we all keep to ourselves. The food was good, they even prepared special vegetarian dishes. We bought vinegar for the gift. Weird, but it is actually the drinking vinegar. Everything was served into large plates and everything in those large plates were huge. I barely ate because Sam and I ate chips on the way to dinner (which was a more than two hour journey) and were absolutely full by the time we got there so I started making roses out of the starch the restaurant used as decorations. All in all, we got to see our grandmother and relatives and it was fun.
I have also been really hooked on Grey's Anatomy. It's the best show ever. Love the stories and emotions and drama. And it's not too disgusting too, considered that it's about doctors and stuff. Can't wait to rent season 5!
After the excitement and happiness, tomorrow will be badminton. I personally don't like badminton because I kinda suck at it. Actually I really suck at it. I lost to a seven year old once.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Justin Bieber's movie premier and play dough

We got to go for Justin Bieber's movie premier! 

oh yeah, it was a 3D movie.

I am definitely inspired and amazed at Justin Bieber's talent and determination. 
thank you to aunt Ann Ibrahim for giving us the chance to watch the movie!!

I have not been blogging for a while, so this is everything I didn't post all in one blog :)

We got play dough!!

this is Arian's snowman..

crystal bowersox is amazing. 

I bedazzled my iPod :) hehe

mom baked some muffins. yum...

We celebrated earth hour and introduced my friends to roasting marshmallows. 

we also started watching loads of Grey's Anatomy. I am obsessed with that show, and Arian likes it too. here he is pretending to operate on one of the clic students.