Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear John,

Again, I'm going to start with the word "woah". People actually do read my blog. Not many, but still someone actually reads my blog.
So yeah, the title. It's not a letter to 'John' (or is it? you won't know...) It was the song I was listening to when I decided to blog... There may or may not be another reason to my blog title being Dear John, I won't say... :)
What should I tell you about tonight? The good things or bad things first? As you know, good and bad somehow always come together....
My sister decided to make ice-cream today. With ice-cream, there's always MESS. Then, she had to rush off for dance leaving ME with the mount everest of dishes to wash. Not including the garbage I sorted out for recycling, AND sweeping the floor. Man, did I feel like a maid!
It didn't feel so bad knowing that if I'd let her do it the dishes wouldn't be clean anyway, so I did all four rounds.
Now, for the good or better part.
My youtube video nearly got 400 views! 370 to be exact. And it'll never get boring or normal to see a 'new subscriber' email when I wake up. It's a lot like standing in an open field, watching the sun set. I haven't recorded anything in a while and I am going to do one this week. 

Monday, June 27, 2011


There's nothing like the rhythm of  the light trickling of rain outside my window and Marié Digby and Taylor Swift's music blasting in the background.... it's a nice relaxing Sunday...

I took this picture just as the traffic light turned green. Isn't it nice? the light is telling everyone to go right.... but what if I want to go left? 
I don't want to do the right thing, neither do I want to do the wrong thing.. So is it the left thing to do? 
I went for ballet class today. It was fun (as always...) despite the needle sharp pain on my toes. I'm not going to complain but I have to tell you, I was a little scared when I saw that five of my toes now have blisters, one of them bleeding... it. was. scary.
But today I didn't feel invisible anymore. The teacher actually noticed me dancing and getting the steps right. This is a significant moment. I've been practicing a lot, and I'm glad it's paying off :)
I bought the grade 8 music last week and I'm listening to it on and off. I find that it's a lot different when I'm listening to it and I'm not dancing, I hear the louder, stronger parts and the softer parts of the songs. I hear the emotion, if that's possible.

I spent the afternoon singing and playing my guitar in my room/haven like I do everyday. I get so lost in that world I forget the time and my mom will shout for me to come down for lunch or dinner.

Last night, we went to TGIF for dinner with the whole family, my grandfather and cousin. Sort of like a late father's day celebration. The waitress who served us in January (the one with a funny hat) recognized us! It was weird because we recognized her and we were like "she won't remember us..." and then she came to say hi. I think she's by far the bast waitress I've ever met. She knows what's in the food (most of the time when I ask, they have to ask someone else.) and she, and the other waitresses and waiters actually sing for you on your birthday. How cool is that?

We brought our own chess sets and cookies (which we baked) to the restaurant and just, hung out.

It was a fun night, we looked at socks (don't ask), went into a store filled with cameras, stepped into a world of Transformers, and I fell in love with a hoodie I can't afford....
I hate it when that happens. I'm all; "ohhh a hoodie!!" and then; "WHattt?!? 93 ringgit? I don't have that!"
and then it's bye-bye hoodie.
I came across this amazing band a few months ago called Eden's Edge. They're music's so good, it's still stuck in my head. So the other day, I messaged them on Facebook telling them what an inspiration I find them to be... and guess what??? I got a reply from them!! It was really nice to know that they actually read what the fans say and all that.

I found this picture on my timeline that Taylor Swift posted on Twitter. And I thought, isn't this what every aspiring singer would someday want to achieve?
I think; yes. Definitely, YES.

It's so amazing how many people are at the same place for one person. Brought together by that one person. It's even more amazing that she still stayed the same person she was before all this and can still say "woah" to a crowd like this even though it's not the first time. 
Even a quarter of those people in the picture coming to see a performance of mine someday will be more than perfect for me. 
There. are. so. many. people! 
I'm going to work hard and try my very best to achieve something like that. Maybe not so great, a fraction of this. 
It may not come true, but it's something to hold on to. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Her heart it beats, an incredible machine

I have not posted much about what has been happening lately... 
Lets see, where do I start? So much has happened I don't know what order they came in. Oh yeah, My grandmother's surprise birthday party! That seems like a good place to start. 
On the way there, it was getting dark and the sun was setting. (you probably know by now how much I LOVE sunsets...) So I just HAD to snap some pictures.

We held it on Monday (odd day, I know.) at my grand aunt and uncle's Italian Restaurant in Ipoh called 'Itallia-Mia'. They sell awesome food there! 

This is the bar area where they make the drinks. I got to go back there once and the have the most high-tech coffee machine! 

Is that pizza we see?!?


Every birthday has to have presents! So, we got our grandmother a....

Digital photo frame!!!

I made the cake! I have to say, I'm quite happy with myself for being able to write happy birthday in Chinese. 

Cremé Brulé.... it sounds so nice, but it tastes so sweet.

The BEST Tiramisu in Malaysia. 

Making your mouth water??

It's so good that Sam had to clean up the entire plate!!

My uncle playing chess with Arian

Tree Hugger Sam. :)

It was a great surprise party although my grandmother didn't seem quite surprised... She liked the gift though. I put in all the pictures I took when I went to Taiwan with her. Today's her actual birthday and I would like to say, 

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I think it's nice that people can write their friend's novel of blogs. Spend hours together, doing the things they both love. No secrets, no pretending. I sometimes envy that, wish I had that.
It'll probably take a while. Maybe someday I'll find a friend who loves sparkles and music and can stare at the clouds through the car window too. Maybe she'll wear rows of bracelets on her arm because it's hard to decide on just one to wear.
Then again, there's also a possibility that I'd be alone but I don't want to dwell on that. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have found a million reasons to smile
I've reached a point in my life where I can be happy where I am and be happy being who I am. I have just established the fact (well, actually two weeks ago, but who's counting?) that I don't want to be normal anymore. It's too hard, too stressful and it takes away too much of myself. 
This morning I logged on to my email because I had to send an article to the newspaper (getting it published ensures a great fortune.). The topic was on wisdom. If it gets published you can read it. Anyway, as I was going to send it, I saw not one but TWO emails from youtube saying that someone has subscribed to my channel. So two emails of someone is someTWO! haha. Which makes me smile like my cheese omelette over there... 
It's hard to think that I've come so far since two years ago when I was in math class hearing Taylor Swift's music for the first time and being inspired to pick up the guitar. I was really excited when I finally got my first three subscribers. Now there's seventy?!? 

Pictures of the moon

It was a full moon the day before yesterday and apparently the most beautiful lunar eclipse ever. I missed that. -.- 
but I managed to take pictures of the moon with the camera I have by setting the iso (whatever that is) to about 800. I don't know the technical stuff, but I know that the moon looked pretty :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Art at the park 2

I woke up this morning thinking it was very early like seven in the morning or something. It was actually nine but it was really cloudy and the wind blew from every direction. We went to the park to paint. 
Today, we did acrylic paints with different textures and bold colors. 
 Even the dad's joined in this morning. 

 Painting the beautiful lake with such a beautiful view, how could no one me inspired?

This is homeschooling. And as you can clearly see, 
we're not alone and we are definitely not anti-social. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Want to hear about my weird dream?

Normally I wouldn't tell you about this but this dream was just weird. I'm in the house and I went to brush my teeth. To my surprise, the toilet bowl was filled with clothes! Like a washing machine, but it really resembled a toilet. Suddenly these little people appeared out of nowhere and I don't quite remember what they did but I know they appeared. Then, if this couldn't get any weirder, Justin Bieber was here. Not in the bathroom anymore, but somewhere I didn't quite pay attention to. Then, I went ice-skating but I kept wondering if we were really going ice-skating or if it was a prank. When I woke up, I realized it was a dream. BUT IT FELT SO REAL. I looked in the toilet and there were no clothes in there at all. I laughed at myself for being so silly. Then I remembered why my dreams were so weirdly... weird. 
In the morning, I did my laundry and I watched my clothes spin round and round in the machine. The new machine we got has a glass cover and you can actually watch how your clothes are washed. Oh yeah, we watched Never Say Never and Gulliver's Travels which explains the little people. so yeah... weird.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nothing is easy. 
You can't get through anything if you stop once it gets a little hard. If you don't do it now and feel the pain now because you'd rather do it later, you've still got to face it anyway. If you don't fail, you wouldn't want to work harder. So stop complaining and do something about it. 
Nothing great ever came that easy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Visit to the beach.

<3 the sand rushing in and out between my toes.
The trees make this place feel like a fairy tale. I love fairy-tale-fantasy stuff.

Sam's sand-shoe with ribbon shells and everything. 

My brother wanted to get "buried" in the sand.. lol :)
Here we are making him into a mermaid! 

Spotted this dandelion in the midst of grass and weeds while taking a walk around the beach. Isn't it just so beautiful?

Sea-shells and rocks fill the entire shore. They seem so ordinary, yet extraordinary when you hold one of them in your hand. There are so many yet none of them are identical. 

With every wave that comes, it brings along the beautiful sight of gold-glittery stuff reflected by the sun. <3 sparkly stuff.

Sometime I wish I could have best friends like that. 

Did I mention how much I love sunsets? I could stare at those mesmerizing colours for as long as possible.