Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have found a million reasons to smile
I've reached a point in my life where I can be happy where I am and be happy being who I am. I have just established the fact (well, actually two weeks ago, but who's counting?) that I don't want to be normal anymore. It's too hard, too stressful and it takes away too much of myself. 
This morning I logged on to my email because I had to send an article to the newspaper (getting it published ensures a great fortune.). The topic was on wisdom. If it gets published you can read it. Anyway, as I was going to send it, I saw not one but TWO emails from youtube saying that someone has subscribed to my channel. So two emails of someone is someTWO! haha. Which makes me smile like my cheese omelette over there... 
It's hard to think that I've come so far since two years ago when I was in math class hearing Taylor Swift's music for the first time and being inspired to pick up the guitar. I was really excited when I finally got my first three subscribers. Now there's seventy?!? 

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