Monday, June 27, 2011


There's nothing like the rhythm of  the light trickling of rain outside my window and Marié Digby and Taylor Swift's music blasting in the background.... it's a nice relaxing Sunday...

I took this picture just as the traffic light turned green. Isn't it nice? the light is telling everyone to go right.... but what if I want to go left? 
I don't want to do the right thing, neither do I want to do the wrong thing.. So is it the left thing to do? 
I went for ballet class today. It was fun (as always...) despite the needle sharp pain on my toes. I'm not going to complain but I have to tell you, I was a little scared when I saw that five of my toes now have blisters, one of them bleeding... it. was. scary.
But today I didn't feel invisible anymore. The teacher actually noticed me dancing and getting the steps right. This is a significant moment. I've been practicing a lot, and I'm glad it's paying off :)
I bought the grade 8 music last week and I'm listening to it on and off. I find that it's a lot different when I'm listening to it and I'm not dancing, I hear the louder, stronger parts and the softer parts of the songs. I hear the emotion, if that's possible.

I spent the afternoon singing and playing my guitar in my room/haven like I do everyday. I get so lost in that world I forget the time and my mom will shout for me to come down for lunch or dinner.

Last night, we went to TGIF for dinner with the whole family, my grandfather and cousin. Sort of like a late father's day celebration. The waitress who served us in January (the one with a funny hat) recognized us! It was weird because we recognized her and we were like "she won't remember us..." and then she came to say hi. I think she's by far the bast waitress I've ever met. She knows what's in the food (most of the time when I ask, they have to ask someone else.) and she, and the other waitresses and waiters actually sing for you on your birthday. How cool is that?

We brought our own chess sets and cookies (which we baked) to the restaurant and just, hung out.

It was a fun night, we looked at socks (don't ask), went into a store filled with cameras, stepped into a world of Transformers, and I fell in love with a hoodie I can't afford....
I hate it when that happens. I'm all; "ohhh a hoodie!!" and then; "WHattt?!? 93 ringgit? I don't have that!"
and then it's bye-bye hoodie.
I came across this amazing band a few months ago called Eden's Edge. They're music's so good, it's still stuck in my head. So the other day, I messaged them on Facebook telling them what an inspiration I find them to be... and guess what??? I got a reply from them!! It was really nice to know that they actually read what the fans say and all that.

I found this picture on my timeline that Taylor Swift posted on Twitter. And I thought, isn't this what every aspiring singer would someday want to achieve?
I think; yes. Definitely, YES.

It's so amazing how many people are at the same place for one person. Brought together by that one person. It's even more amazing that she still stayed the same person she was before all this and can still say "woah" to a crowd like this even though it's not the first time. 
Even a quarter of those people in the picture coming to see a performance of mine someday will be more than perfect for me. 
There. are. so. many. people! 
I'm going to work hard and try my very best to achieve something like that. Maybe not so great, a fraction of this. 
It may not come true, but it's something to hold on to. 

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