Friday, July 8, 2011

High Definition.

I got glasses.
I look like a nerd but it is just my personal opinion, thats all. I thought everyone would mock me for life but they said I look better in glasses, I don't know. Anyway, my eyesight's not that bad, but it isn't that great either. I thought I'd hate wearing them, but it wouldn't be much of a problem for me since I don't have to wear them all the time. So I put them on and yelled "Woah!" everything looked so clear. I saw the signboards, I saw the dirt on the signboards (long time since I was able to see those) it was like I got to see the world when I was little again. It was the coolest feeling. I actually didn't think my eyesight was that bad. I sort of got used to seeing things a little blury. But I can now see the menu in Subway too! That, I think is pretty cool but I had to wear it longer today to 'get used to it' as my dad told me. I have to admit, it wasn't very comfortable. Now I'm sitting on my bed, glassesless, telling you that wearing glasses is like watching a high definition television after years of watching an ordinary tele.
Today, I spent my time in my room (as usual) playing my guitar and singing (as usual) and recording (as usual) until my cable for my guitar finally gave in and had enough of my amateur-youtube-guitar-class guitar skills and just, stopped working. Every time I put my guitar down it works, and then when I pick it up it just stops working. I was planning to record Enchanted by Taylor Swift today because someone requested me to do it on YouTube (how awesome os that? someone actually requested it!) so I got to work and memorized the chords and everything. So we went out to get a new one. I also needed a black pen for drawing and lunch. Everyone was in a lazy mood and didn't want to get out of the house until it started to thunder. I could hear it come closer and closer, so we rushed out of the house in hopes of making it back before the storm. Turns out, it didn't even rain at all. Not a drop. But we got all the things we needed to get (my sister got her filling at the dentist, I got my pen and guitar cable, we all had lunch) done by about three and I went back to my room. I think my neighbors might be really annoyed that singing's basically all I do in the day time. I feel so sorry that they have to put up with that, but I have to put up with them chopping a dead animal into tiny pieces and hearing their bones crack as my wake-up call in the morning seems like a fair enough deal. I got the camera all set up and my microphone and my computer all ready. I was all ready to record a nice cover of the song Enchanted. Then, the camera died for no apparent reason, the computer had no sound, also for no apparent reason and half a day later, I decided to try again tomorrow. Thats the end of my recording session. I also have not checked my youtube video views. I decided that I didn't want to be obsessed with who's watching m video and who isn't so I made it a habit to only check on Tuesdays. I find that when I get bored and have the internet at my fingertips that's what I do.
I didn't do that today, so I read. Reading more makes my eyesight worse, so I've heard. My sister doesn't read and she has perfect vision. So as hard as this might be to comprehend, but not reading is actually healthy, in a way. I can't not read so I borrowed a new book from the library at the tuition centre called 'Jacky Dreamer'. At least, I think that's the title. I just started reading it and I already learnt that 'pottering' and 'puttering' mean the same thing except one is British and one is American. I realized that I putter a lot (doing a few things at once without concentrating on anything in particular), especially in the mornings when I get up early and not know what time it is but I know it is early enough that my mom isn't awake yet. I also learnt that I spell 'favourite' when I write and 'favorite' when I type.
After English class/tuition, I walked over to my favorite restaurant with my brother and mom: Subway! We had our usual veggie delight, one of the cheapest on the menu and a chocolate chip cookie. I really missed eating there. Penang and my grandmother's place doesn't have a single Subway. Maybe there is one or two, but I didn't see any.

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