Wednesday, September 14, 2011


time for a blog re-vamp! :) As you can see, I changed my blog's name. It is now strumming on sparkly dreams (whatever that means....) no longer 'music dance dreams' because I realized dance is no longer on my list of 'dreams'. 
The day before yesterday (the 13th of September) (I guess I'll tell you about that day today since I didn't have time to do so the past few days. We went ice-skating. It's been aaaggggeeeeessss since I went. I was starting to miss the freezing coldness of the ice. I wore my glasses that day because it has also been aggggeeeesss since I put them on. My excuse was; "I don't have to see anything far away" and then there's a sign board telling the directions and I can't see it. 
I went round and round and round for about an hour and a half to my heart's content and then I got to have some time by myself to window shop. I'm a very word-y person and words attract me as much as pictures. I looked at all the word shirts at the clothes shop. I love reading the words on t-shirts. There was one that said 'erasers are for people who make mistakes' and 'free hugs' and stuff like that. Even though I have the money, I didn't buy anything because I'm the kind of person who sees something they like, think about buying it and don't buy it until every factor of it had been considered, after price comparing and checking if it's really what I want. I over-think through things like that. I guess I'm like my dad that way because we take forever to buy something when my mom normally says "if you like it, then buy it!".  So... I didn't buy any of those nice looking t-shirts...
That was the whole beginning of the day. The other half, we went to KLCC. Yuna was going to perform there and my dad managed to get a ticket for me to go in! It was held at one of the most beautiful concert halls I've ever seen; the Dewan Philharmonic. Before all the excitement, we had to take the train first. I have nothing against trains in general, but these trains are really slow, not to mention hardly ever on time. Just like always, it got delayed and we had to wait. And wait, and wait. Then finally it came and we were off! We had to change trains to get there because the KTM doesn't go straight to KLCC and this time we took the LRT. Don't ask me what those alphabets stand for because I have absolutely no idea. The LRT was really fast. We missed the first one but the second one came 30 seconds later. The familiar smell of Roti Boy greeted us as we got off the LRT and into the mall itself. We collected the tickets and went to buy pretzels at Auntie Anne's. They have the best pretzels in this branch and thats all I'd eat when I go there :) We don't shop for clothes much so there was no reason at all why we should look into all those fancy stores (although, I might've... the clothes are really pretty and but prices have lots of numbers on them) so we go to the... (three guesses where.).... book shop! Where else is there peace, quiet and tons of books to read in a mall but a book shop? We hung out there for a few hours until it was time for me to go for the concert. I bought Yuna's CD before I went in (I only heard her songs on youtube before that). 
The lights changed from white to blue, red, yellow and purple. Jazzy mode: On. The smoke machine way on and the band came up on stage all dressed in their traditional clothing. Then, Yuna came on stage wearing a beautiful pink baju kurung and picked up her guitar and started singing the songs that she wrote. At that moment I was wondering why I haven't listened to her music earlier. 
Before we knew it, the concert was over and she left the stage. Then, everyone rushed out for the meet-and-greet session where Yuna will sign CD's for us. It was quite a wait, but I guess it was worth it. She asked me my name, and I nervously told her. I don't know how I managed to spell it out right but I did. Then I remembered that I wanted to tell her that she is amazing, but I stumbled through it too star-struck than anything, thank goodness she understood what I said....
(please excuse my horrible haircut. the hairdresser cut one side about half an inch shorter than the other.)

The train ride back was a lot scarier than coming here because it was really dark and we were on the last train of the night. It was the most spooky train ride ever. My over-imaginative mind didn't help me here. I felt as if I was in a haunted movie or in CSI before a murderer jumps out from the darkness and kills a person. Thank goodness it was just my imagination! But there were absolutely nobody working there at the train station  (I thought they should at least wait until everyone has left, but they left first. not even a security guard in sight.) Luckily we made it back in one piece!! I don't think I'll ever take the train at night again!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


During the one week holiday we had, my family went to ipoh for my great-grandmother's birthday. 
This was how the sky looked like before we left. 

This is my great-grandmother. She turns ninety something this year. (we don't exactly know how old/young she is)
Her birthday celebration was held in a vegetarian restaurant, so all the meat is either soy or tofu. (you might think it isn't as ice, but I think it's way better than eating real meat.)

A giant pau. You cut it open and many tiny pau's are inside :)

Fake shark-fin soup. Again, wayyy better than eating real shark fin.

It was a very long dinner and we got bored from all the sitting and waiting, so I walked over to the mini-market next door and but coins in the vending machines. This is what we got:

RATS!!! -they're made of rubber

As I said, the dinner was very long, so I played around with the camera's macro settings and this is what I got. You probably wouldn't have guessed it, but this is my jeans....

Arian's hoodie...

My shirt...

The table cloth....

more food..

More stuff from the vending machine... 

After endless amounts of food, dessert.

My great-grand mother's jelly birthday cake. Lovely colours isn't it?

Surrounded by her children, grand children and great-grand children :) 

Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: Paper Lantern

 With Mooncake Festival coming soon, we at CLIC learnt how to make paper lanterns taught by Uncle Chee Keong.

Now, Let me show you how you can make your own... :)
Things you'll need:

1. half a sheet of present paper
2. double-sided tape
3. cardboard
4. scissors 
5. wire

1. First, fold the present paper like a paper fan. Front and back by folding it into half and then into half, and then into half again. 

Make sure its really flat. Yeah, you could sit on it too. 

It should look like this:

2. Then, fold it the other direction, in and out too about 1 cm apart.

3. Then, open it all out again. 

4. Fold a little line and stick double-sided tape ONLY on that line. 

5. Stick the end on, making it into a circle. 

6. Fold it in and out again, following the lines you made before.

7. Cut circles out of cardboard and stick it on the bottom of your lantern.

Like this:

8. Cut one more but with a hole in the middle and use wires to make a coil at the bottom and create like a hanger on the top of the lantern.

And it'll look like this: