Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: Paper Lantern

 With Mooncake Festival coming soon, we at CLIC learnt how to make paper lanterns taught by Uncle Chee Keong.

Now, Let me show you how you can make your own... :)
Things you'll need:

1. half a sheet of present paper
2. double-sided tape
3. cardboard
4. scissors 
5. wire

1. First, fold the present paper like a paper fan. Front and back by folding it into half and then into half, and then into half again. 

Make sure its really flat. Yeah, you could sit on it too. 

It should look like this:

2. Then, fold it the other direction, in and out too about 1 cm apart.

3. Then, open it all out again. 

4. Fold a little line and stick double-sided tape ONLY on that line. 

5. Stick the end on, making it into a circle. 

6. Fold it in and out again, following the lines you made before.

7. Cut circles out of cardboard and stick it on the bottom of your lantern.

Like this:

8. Cut one more but with a hole in the middle and use wires to make a coil at the bottom and create like a hanger on the top of the lantern.

And it'll look like this: