Where did all the time go?
I don't even know
One day you're turning ten
Then its your birthday again
Blowing out the candles 
Wishing for impossible things to happen
And dreams to come true
Cause back then you couldn't wait to grow up

And see the world in a different view
Speak and maybe they'll listen to you
Cause when you're grown up
You can do what you want to
And you couldn't wait for the day to come
When you wouldn't need anyone to drive you around
But soon you'll figure out
It's not how you thought it would be
At seventeen

Friends will come and go
And you'll feel alone
Crying in your bedroom 
Thinking "I should've known"
Cause when they said forever
They didn't mean together
We were little kids then
Didn't want this to end

Cause everything is different now
Seeing the world is upside down
I used to dream in colour
But now its black and white
And I'm trying to do this right
Cause they say you've only got one life
But its hard cause fairy tales have crashed into reality
And its not how I thought it would be
At seventeen

And you're gonna wake up one day
And realise its gonna change 
It's all in your head 
It's all in your head now
You don't have to be afraid 
Cause every time you walk away
You're missing out
You're missing out

I learnt so much when I realised 
You never stop learning all your life
Sometimes you have to feel lost 
To know where you're supposed to go
I'm just a girl in this big ol world
A stranger walking down this lonely road
And I'll let go of the past cause the future's already here
And it's better than I thought it would be
Yeah it's better than I thought it would be
At seventeen



She carries a box filled with her things
All worn out from where she's been
She walks around with a smile on her face 
Dressed up in clothes
Covered in lace

She doesn't know it but he doesn't care
She doesn't know it but he doesn't care

And she'd walk around
Without a sound
Leaving pieces on the ground
She'd just walk around
All over town
Leaving clues for you

Her broken dreams held up carefully
With glue and tape and hope
Everything she's always believed in 
No matter what she won't let go

Maybe someday you'll find them
And maybe somehow they'll make sense
It was all part of her plan
Leading you to the heart again


Dandelion Days

I have never felt more like myself 
Than when I'm right here with you
In this moment its all dreams come true
And time is standing still
Time is standing still

So dance with me, dance with me
In the summer rain
Watch as the piece all fall into place
And I'll never forget the look on your face 
No I'll never forget the look on your face
As we are living our dandelion days

Laying in the grass watching the stars
Singing songs that speak for our hearts
When my voice shakes I know you still understand
And you take me the way I am
You take me the way I am

May these memories live within our dreams tonight
And the photographs that will fade in time
Remind you and I
We'll never say goodbye 


Red skies so bright
I gaze into its wisdom till night falls on me
Do you see what I see? 
In this day and time its hard to find somebody like you

But the sunset burnt the words said 
And brought out the truth
Now there's nothing left to me and you

What are you trying to tell me
Is it all just a mistake
Did you want somebody else
But got stuck with me instead
I know honesty is the best policy
But I want you to like to me
But I want you to lie to me

Red marks the end of us
The sun used to shine but somehow it stopped
Moonlight so hauntingly beautiful
Someone please bring back the spark in your eyes

Cause the sunset burnt the words said
And brought out the truth
Now there's nothing left but space between my hands
That fit perfectly in yours

The truth hurts so bad 
I'd rather hear the lie
Just like the red skies
Its only beautiful for a moment
Till it gets dark



I close my eyes 
And I see you standing there
I wish that I 
Could hold your hand
I start to cry
When I promised I'll move on
But how can I
Now that you're gone?

I'd give my life
Just to be with you for one more night 
Cause this isn't fair
And I do't know why
I wish we had more time
Cause I don't want to say goodbye

Mom and dad
They'll never be the same
Without you laughing
At every single thing
Now I go to sleep
Next to an empty bed
You're in my dreams
And I don't want to forget

So many things I'll never get used to
The quiet of the night in this empty room
Birthdays and christmas without you
The rest of my life
Without you


(all songs written by Amrita Soon)