Thursday, February 17, 2011

My last day of being 14

Today I'm 14. Tomorrow I'll be 15!! :)
I'm kind of excited at the same time I don't want to grow up!!!
I don't really want anything for my birthday, I'll be happy if you get me something but I'll still be very happy with my friends around just hanging out and laughing. I have gotten everything I wanted already. Taylor Swift's concert was a HUGE bonus to Sugarland's and Brooks And Dunn's CD.
When I grow up, I want to be a successful singer/song-writer. Successful has many levels but I think I want to come up with an album, hope people buy them and sing for people to listen. But the words "when I grow up" don't really mean anything now. I am growing up and it's about time to stop living and start doing. That's what I'll try to do when I am 15, and obviously sing Taylor Swift's song 'Fifteen'!
On my last day of being 14, I have accomplished quite a number of things... I've cleaned my room, did the dishes, finished my homework (almost!) and made a video-blog :)

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