Sunday, February 27, 2011


I had a really awesome birthday, so awesome in fact, that I had to blog it nine days after it had passed. hehe. Actually I lost the cable but I finally found it.
This is how the cake turned out. Decorated by the lovely Sam and Kelly who decided to go all out with the whipped cream! (Adrian and Joyce helped bake the cake.) 

and when I say go all out with whip cream... I mean it. Here is whipped cream in tomato soup. lol

Lunch at school :)

To save paper on cards, Sam wrote happy birthday Zaza on my arm! haha

Adrian and his precious mashed potato in a cup.

Everyone loves mashed potatoes! It's so good. yummm...

Karen gave me the most beautiful hand-made red ear rings!! (in there but I didn't take a picture of the insides because sam was wearing it.)
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful and for the nice gifts and to the people who were there with me!! I had a lot of fun. 
Most of all, I thank my parents for giving me the best gift of all: 

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