Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes. I am THAT random. :)

Fascinating yet confusing, life is. Isn't it? How the mind seems to be the heart sometimes. When there are so many emotions running through, you can either pick the positive one or the negative one. When things don't seem to work out right, your mind just keeps telling you negative and bad things echoing loudly in your head saying things like "it's not worth it" and "nobody even cares, I'm invisible."This state of depression and darkness can swallow you whole and bringing the rainbow back isn't easy, but when happiness and content comes, taking it away could happen in a flash. I guess I have loads of time to myself to ponder upon these things. It's amazing how when we are so sad and filled with despair, no matter how hard life is and no matter what life throws at us, no matter how painful past so-called love can possibly be, there is something inside of us that keeps us going. This spark in us that keeps us strong. No matter how many times we want to breakdown and cry, something brings us back up again. Even when the world seems like it's going against you and you're spinning the other way, we still hold on to that wishful thinking hoping and somehow knowing that it will all be better someday, giving us a reason to smile today.

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