Monday, April 18, 2011

Bugs Bunny and the symphony

Today we went to KLCC to watch Bugs Bunny at the symphony. They play the music while a screen shows the cartoons. It's like a tribute to those cartoons and music. 

Doesn't he look so cute it the vest? He likes to dress smart.

A whole cup of cookies & cream shake and here's the end result...

Other than the concert, I looked forward to the yummy juices they sell at KLCC. My favorite is mango passion- it has yogurt and loads of mango and sourish passion fruits. One cup is more than enough for my lunch! 

Every time I come here I like to stare at the beautiful celling they have at the hall. It's mesmerizing, isn't it?

With the cartoons playing in the background, I don't get the urge to fall asleep as much... I'm kidding! 
the music was fantastic! Without it, the cartoons will be boring. I admire the violinists who play so fast during the chasing scenes, and they're all in sync! wow. 

everything is fancy. even the celling outside the hall.

clearly she is shocked to see it too. 

It was a full moon day today and the moon was shining bright and yellow in front of us. A rare sight to see in the city which is filled with building s cutting through the clouds. 

We went to Kinokuniya and Arian got a Justin Bieber book. He looks up to Justin, it's cute. Not like the on-the-verge-to-obsessed kind of fan, but he wants to be like him one day. 

Goofing around before dinner while waiting for the food to arrive....

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