Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ballet exams tomorrow! Maybe its time to freak out a little? 
I'm so worried about my Character dances. Last exam I only got 5 out of ten marks in that section! I felt I did badly...
Today I talked to one of my tuition classmates and she said she does ballet too. (at least there's something to talk about now. I was getting tired of the silence. you can seriously hear the air condition buzzing.) Anyway, she's in advance two already. Can you believe it? and she's my age. sigh. So many of my friends started ballet years later than me and yet they're still ahead. 
I'll just try my best and be happy that I finally got this far. My clumsiness isn't helping though. 
I've got this big bruise on my knee and I can't kneel properly. The upside to my teacher not looking at me is that she won't notice all of my mistakes.
I think I'm quite a bad dancer. My teacher doesn't say anything after I dance now. Maybe she's given up... I hope she hasn't though...
I have to get more that 58 marks this year. I have to.
Just need smile and not be so stiff. 

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