Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Live it UP

Went to see Lee Dewyze today!
I watched him since American Idol (although I also supported Crystal) and it was pretty cool to be able to finally watch him live. It was a free concert but to get it I had to buy his CD, and when I bought it, I could get into the meet and greet line. It was very quick and strict. Only the album booklet could be signed and nothing else. Someone managed to get their guitar signed but I didn't bring mine... :(  
His eyes were so blue and I really believe that he looked and smile at me (not just at my direction) during one of his songs. (no, I didn't go round telling everyone "he LOOKED at me!!" I just smiled back. not a big deal. Is it?)
Lee was so nice. He even greeted us in Malay! 
It was an acoustic show with just him and his guitar, and a pianist. 

The crowd was huge!!! and every time he'd say "this is the last song" we'd scream and cheer. 
So, he sang three more 'one last songs'.

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