Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mystery of the missing socks.

Every night as I sleep, somebody goes to the shoe rack and takes my socks. Yes, weird that it's not the shoe it's taking. The next morning, I find all my socks and my family's socks missing! They're not inside the shoes anymore. So we search and search but we can't find a thing. Then, at the corner of the garden sits the innocent looking dog looking at us with her big brown eyes. She sits there as if she does not know what's going on. But her innocence is suspicious. She's hiding something....
She gets up to greet us and what do we find? ALL our missing socks, on a pile of sand. Dirty and full of holes, they never knew what hit them. Now they will never see the insides of our shoes again, only the sad lonely life without the other half of their pair looking only at life from the bottom of our trash can. 

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