Friday, May 27, 2011


Imagine me, the straight-faced, hardly filled with any emotion, rarely smiling robotic me having that look on my face and jumping up and down with happiness. I know you probably can't, but I did. And it really happened. 
I was bored, so I went online to check how the video I posted the day before was doing. Ooohh! theres a comment! So I clicked on it closing my eyes praying someone didn't say anything mean, and there were 3 comments! YouTube must have made a mistake in telling me there was one, because I definitely saw three. Best of all, they were not mean!
As if this five minutes couldn't get any better, I saw at the side that my video has 78 views! Thats when I just froze in shock. Then I ran downstairs to tell my mom, and then I ran back up here to blog about it. And tell all of YOU :) 
Plus, yesterday was the day I managed to tie a fish-bone braid correctly without the fish bone looking like it was deformed or broken.
I watched my own video. From start to end once it was uploaded on YouTube. I think it's good luck to do that. This proves it is! 
Ok. I'm done spreading my joy around the internet now. 

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