Monday, May 23, 2011

The untitled blog.

Ballet exams are finally over and I can't find a title to this blog. I start writing and writing and then at the end, I find that my posting is too RANDOM to even pin-point what exactly I was talking about in the first place. Maybe I'll just title this post "untitled". 
Yeah, real original....
Wait, what was I talking about again? 
Right. Ballet exams. Yup they're finally over. No more anxious countdown to the day I step into a room and having to dance to a complete stranger who has a british accent and ironically determines what my grades are going to be. No more having to be extra careful not to have fall, trip or have anything fall on me (maybe I still have to be careful...). 
Just when it's finally over and I think I can finally breathe, it's not over yet. After the sigh of relief, I relive the moments hoping that I didn't make any mistakes. Hoping the examiner liked it. Thinking "I should've jumped a little higher, maybe stood a little taller." "Did I do that right? was I supposed to step the other way?" All the stress of something that inevitably cannot be changed. Wouldn't it be cool if it could? Then again, we humans would probably abuse that and end up with something bad we can't handle . Maybe the end of the world. (by the way, what's all the end of the world stuff I'm seeing on the internet? Sorry, I'm not that much of a movie buff. Is it from a movie?)
  Anyway, this time I am not going to worry too much about what I can't change. I have been doing that in the past, but I can't change that right? 
I think I did better than last year though. 
My heart didn't feel like it was pounding out of my chest this year. I felt myself smiling this time and hopefully it was a smile big enough for the examiner to notice. I don't think I slipped. So I'm kinda hoping I would get some better marks than last year's 58. 
So yeah, that's what I did on friday (friday, friday! lol) and tomorrow I'm going ice-skating! maybe I'll make another video blog. It's been a while since I have.  

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