Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear John,

Again, I'm going to start with the word "woah". People actually do read my blog. Not many, but still someone actually reads my blog.
So yeah, the title. It's not a letter to 'John' (or is it? you won't know...) It was the song I was listening to when I decided to blog... There may or may not be another reason to my blog title being Dear John, I won't say... :)
What should I tell you about tonight? The good things or bad things first? As you know, good and bad somehow always come together....
My sister decided to make ice-cream today. With ice-cream, there's always MESS. Then, she had to rush off for dance leaving ME with the mount everest of dishes to wash. Not including the garbage I sorted out for recycling, AND sweeping the floor. Man, did I feel like a maid!
It didn't feel so bad knowing that if I'd let her do it the dishes wouldn't be clean anyway, so I did all four rounds.
Now, for the good or better part.
My youtube video nearly got 400 views! 370 to be exact. And it'll never get boring or normal to see a 'new subscriber' email when I wake up. It's a lot like standing in an open field, watching the sun set. I haven't recorded anything in a while and I am going to do one this week. 

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