Thursday, October 6, 2011

Logos HOPE and Monash University

I had a great day yesterday. Early in the morning, (so early that I could barely keep my eyes open in the car) We went to visit the Logos Hope. Its a giant cruise ship that travels around the world. They also have a book fair inside. It was definitely a great experience going on board, although the ship didn't go anywhere, we had an imaginary trip around the world through powerpoint presentations and dancing. As usual, I forgot to bring the camera (technically, I would've brought it if the charger actually charged the beyond-dead battery) so I recorded some videos with my Ipod.
What's even better is what I did AFTER that...
I got invited by Devi, to sing at Monash University at the multi-faith centre... 
I was really nervous at first, not because I was going to sing but because I had to speak before I sang! 
But they seemed to like it and sang along to some of the songs :)

After that, I got to sell my CD's to them (a very 'raw' and acoustic cut of my original songs) and can you believe it?!? I sold every one of them! All 7 that I brought there. I honestly thought no one would buy it. 
Also, I am in quite a number of pictures with the students there, it was pretty cool :) I don't I've taken that many pictures with people inside it (my definition of 'many' isn't really a lot, come to think of it) . I'm normally taking pictures of bugs and plants and sunsets (I'm really not that cool..).... 

It was a great day, most definitely. 

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