Monday, December 5, 2011

Guess What??

It's the time of year when I just literally think "it's December already?!?" Time seems to be zooming past at the speed of light. Christmas is coming! I don't really celebrate it, but I LOVE the christmas lights and decorations. I'm contemplating on getting a string of those lights in my room and keeping them on throughout the year. 

I've got some exciting news!

I'm going back to school next year! I seriously can't wait! 
Well, it's not exactly a school but it's close enough. I know some of you are probably thinking I'm completely out of my mind when it seems like everyone else is trying to get out of school and here I am, going back but it's what I want. My parents didn't panic that I would be going to college soon and would need some paper qualifications (or whatever it is that gets people into another school after they graduated from school) to help me get into one, it was entirely my decision. 


I've been taking tons of pictures and playing around with only the best free online picture editing website in the world *takes deep breath from very long introduction* PICNIK! 
I recently realized that I could make some objects black and white and some with full colour. Just like colouring but way more fun.


I'll be having my next 'Ticket To Nashville' recital on December 18th, not quite sure of the venue yet though... So, if you'd like to come that'll be great! More details soon.

It's also the time of year to make more new year's resolutions. More list-making, organizing, planning, over-thinking... 
Anyway, here's ten things I listed last year:

Things I wanted to do in 2011

1. Send my friends a New Year greeting. -Didn't do it... Ooops?
2. Get 100 subscribers on Youtube. - SIX more to ONE HUNDRED! (WHAAAT?!?)
3. Create a Facebook page. -Done! AND, with 92 Fans already!
4. Buy a camera  - Didn't have to :)
5. Write 150 songs by the end of the year. -I wasn't really specific, but if including unfinished and finished songs, then yes. I did it. But this year I learnt that it isn't the number of songs, it's how good those songs were and I have to say, this year, I feel like I've definitely grown a lot in my song-writing and the songs to me, feel more honest. 
6. Video blog - Made quite a few!
7. Get 80 marks for ballet grade 7 exam. - (EPIC FAIL. Dream on Am)
8. Do a full split. 
9. Meet Taylor Swift. (I didn't MEET her, but I was about 6 inches away, and it MADE MY DAY 
no, Life!)
10. Achieve all of the above. *-.-''*

Okay, so I didn't achieve it all, but at least I got most of it.
This is what I want to achieve next year (in no particular order...)
I'll add more to the list as more ideas come to me.

Things I want to do in 2012
1. Go to Nashville.
2. Think less.
3. Pick up the violin again.
4. Talk more.
5. Start on writing a book....

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