Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I used to dream of becoming Cinderella when I was little. Now, I guess I don't really want to be Cinderella anymore as I inevitably, and reluctantly grew up. I want to be someone who's happy being the way they are, someone who does things not just for the outcome but also for the enjoyment through the journey.
I don't think we have to grow up and be completely different people from who we were before just to fit in. Because what we have from our childhood, we bring to the world. That's what will make us different from everyone else who left their childhood fantasies, hopes and dreams behind to 'grow up'. Grown-ups don't always see eye to eye with us teenagers and kids. Not all grown-ups, but I've met a couple of people like that. They seem to think that we can only do things half-heartedly and will probably end up giving up. But if they don't give us a chance, how are we ever going to learn? I can see that things are changing. People are changing. Because change is unavoidable. It's hard to come to terms with it, and sometimes I don't ever want things to change but it will and I learn a lot from that.
Not all change is bad.

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