Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's been a while hasn't it?
Not much has happened.

I uploaded a new Youtube video! Dear John. By (you don't even need to guess who) Taylor swift. I had quite a lot of fun recording this song. I did something different this time by playing the electric guitar and my 12-string guitar. What?!?! You play the electric guitar??? Well.. No, not exactly. Not before I recorded Dear John. I figured it must be the same right? 

I also uploaded my new favorite song Stop and Stare by One Republic. At least now if people run out of things to talk to me about because I'm so terribly bad at making small talk, ask me what my favorite song is, I can tell them. This was the song uploaded before Dear John because I was taking so long with the editing (my computer now decided to think on it's own and work at it's own time, which is like really slow...) and I couldn't wait to record this song.

Another video that hit the 1,000 mark recently.... :)
It really doesn't seem like much if you compare it with some other youtube artist but I never actually thought this was possible. I'm really grateful for everything! :)

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