Friday, July 6, 2012

I started my first week of school on Monday.
It's more like a centre, actually. You must think I have absolutely lost my mind. I hope I haven't.
Since then (which was only a few days ago), I went into the wrong malay class, re-wrote an essay because I used a pencil instead of a pen and wrote it in a book instead of a sheet of paper, nearly made that same mistake again the next day because I took out my pen and started to write then the teacher said "use ONLY pencil!". I sat at the back of the class and didn't have a single book because I didn't order any yet because I was too busy lost in music that I forgot how to count. I made new friends, gave people guitar pics and jelly beans that tasted like dirt and vomit.
This afternoon, we did a bunch of really challenging logic quizzes. I had a lot of fun with it and managed to finnish the entire set! I think I was the only one having so much fun with it. I hope we'd get to do it more actually but teacher katherine said that it's not relevant for our exams. WHATTT?? Not everything is about the exam, but most of them are gearing up for the o-levels so I guess that might make some tiny sense.
Then, our whole family went to watch the amazing spider man. We ate popcorn and snuck chatime into the freezing cold cinema.
My sister got featured in News Straits Times today too!

So yeah, today was great!

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