Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've always had a liking for the color red.
When I was 11, my English teacher in school asked us to write a poem about a color. I picked red, but I wasn't happy with what I wrote. So I put a little mental note at the back of my head to write a better poem of the color red someday.
So I one day, almost a year ago, I decided to write about red. Except I write more songs instead of poems now. I had also become madly in love, and obsessed with sunsets. Red always fascinated me. How could it stand out and be bold, but also be subtle and soft? It could represent happiness and it could also represent sadness, and anger. It could be pain, it could be fear, but it could also be brave. It fascinates me how the sky is red, just before it gets completely dark.
So I wrote the song Red about the sunset and that feeling when you had such a wonderful dream that you didn't want to wake up to reality. Only it is reality, and the truth is a lie but you want to keep living in the lie because the truth hurts so much more. Have you ever felt that way?
Also, I was too into the story written in Vouge.
Oh, and you can download this song for free here.

Taylor Swift also revealed that her next album is going to be called Red. Cool!

Is it more than a coincidence? My mom seems to think it's more than that. I think maybe its more than that, maybe its not. So I don't know what I think of it.
Also, since we're on the topic of Red, I just got the email form REDFM telling me I can join the program! That means: yessssss!!!
and also my parents have to write a letter of consent.

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