Monday, February 18, 2013

Three: Darling you're with me, always around me.

Today, I celebrate the coming of life and remember the leaving of one. 
I remember my grandfather in Reader's Digest and the dragging of his feet. He always wore the same shirt and watched the news at 8pm in every language. He taught me how to write my name in Chinese and laughed when I played with my sister. Its been many years since I was sitting in the car as we drove past the mountains on that day but I think he has moved on to a better place now. We have moved on too, but sometimes I stop and wonder how he is. 
I'm 17 now and boy, does time seem to fly. I always wished to not grow up when I was younger but I think I'll have to put that thought away because time stops for no one. I will learn to be happy with who I am now and I've got quite a lot to be happy about too. 

Today's song obsession: 

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