Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tinfoil Boats

It rained this evening.
We made little boats out of tin foil and set them off to sail down the sidewalk.
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I haven't been feeling well and have been pretty busy with work, skating and singing rehearsals + performances these past few weeks (or was it days? I can't even remember) I hadn't had time to heal myself or let it all sink in.

I performed at a Raya Open House where I work; which was really nerve-wrecking because they don't know I exist, let alone sing. I also played two sets at Popmarket 4, and four at Laundry: two with sam, and two accompanied by Daniel, Christian and Jonathan. That was really fun because I had never performed with a band before, and it was nice that the first time was with friends. Last weekend, I got up early to do a video shoot, I sang at a birthday party and skated in the Merdekaraya on ice shows. It was quite a lot, and I'm kind of glad its all over. So now I can write more and hopefully upload more videos on youtube. And sleep! I haven't slept so much in a long time. I blame the medicine for making me so sleepy, but maybe, just maybe, I really am tired. I can hear my mom saying "I told you so" at the back of my mind as I admit this. Anyway, I'm writing all I did down so I won't forget, I guess it serves as my blog post as well- I haven't been writing on here much lately either... Goodnight, and thanks for reading!

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