Monday, November 30, 2020


I've been writing so much lately, and my brain is just in over drive with song lyrics and ideas. After deciding that I was done writing for this upcoming album, it was like everything's just exploding with ideas and melodies. I've been doing a lot of co-writes with friends and new friends lately who are in the US, as well as a few writes here in Malaysia too. Calculating the different timezones and factoring in daylight savings was not easy though. The internet has been so wonderful in bringing us together while we are all apart. Writing songs from different parts of the world and having it feel like we're in the same room is always going to be mind-blowing to me. We had dinner with our family on zoom this evening and I had a group call with my friends the other day. We laughed about how all our backdrops were of our ceiling fans.

Can't believe its already almost December. There's so much to do, but so much that's already been done too. This year has given me the time to really focus on finishing the songs I hadn't, and writing what I wanted to but didn't have the time or wasn't in the right space in my mind to. I'm excited to start working on my album soon! It's taking a lot of planning, and I'm hoping it would work out. I'm diy-ing my album this time around, and I'm really really excited about it. I guess all of this year's letdowns kind of brought me here. I'm not saying that I only want to do this on my own, but this album is done and I had been holding on to maybe for so long. I'm kind of following my gut on this one, and it's scary.. but it feels right. Maybe somewhere down the line, I won't be working on this on my own at home but I'll just see how it goes. I played all my songs for my mom and sister the other day, and they helped me narrow down what really should be on the album. My laptop kind of has a mind of its own whenever I plug in my audio interface but fingers crossed it's going to last me through this recording process.

Last week we celebrated my dad's birthday at home. Every birthday has been home this year except for Sam's and mine and we made a joke that it's like thanksgiving every day. I get to go out a few times a week for work so my choices for gifts are limited to whatever's around the area. We got dad a gigantic mug that is probably as big as three mugs put together. He loves to drink tea, and soup and it was a funny and also useful gift. We had cake, the grandparents played mahjong and tricked me into playing for a very very long time pretending they didn't know the time. 

I'm extremely grateful for this home, and to be quarantined with family. A little kitten came to our house and adopted us a couple of weeks ago, and she (despite my occasional allergy attacks) has been such a joy to be around. She's trying to sleep on my laptop to get my attention as I'm typing this. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of this. There's so much we can't predict and trying to be prepared and present sometimes makes it hard to look back and appreciate the things that have happened. Thank you so much for listening to my music and being so supportive. 

Hope you stay healthy and safe <3 

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