Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grandma-mama's Birthday

These are the pictures that I couldn't upload the other day because my computer was sent far, far away for fixing. It's as good as new now so I thought I post the pictures. For more of what happened that weekend: click HERE

I honestly can't remember when the last time we actually took a picture with my sister smiling normally. She's the one with the funny faces in every group/family photo :)

Pizza!! Personally I think there's wayyy too much bacon on it though...

Grandpa and papa

I didn't realize how funny this picture was until I saw someone at the back of us posing too. 

Dad being a kid again.

Ultimate Optimus Prime. How cool is that? Totally geeking out right now 8) *nerdy smiley*

Take your records take your freedom, take your memories I don't need them.

The unbearable, scorching heat was getting to us all. We were in the car that could as well be called a sauna or an oven at this point in time envying the other people in their cars with cold, not to mention working air conditions. We were also stuck motionless in a terrific traffic jam trying to get to the train station. Thats when my mom decided to turn back and result to being nocturnal for the time being.
Now that I have expressed my feelings about our 365 days a year, 7 days a week summer let me tell you about some other great stuff I've been doing lately...
I went to the recording studio!! This time recording original songs. I've still got a lot to learn but I think I've definitely gotten better than the previous session. This time we took pictures so there'll finally be some in my blog rather than all my boring words. Anyone else read Taylor Swift's blog? I've come to realize we have a lot in common it's scary. Twenty over million others around the world probably feel the same too, so I'm not the only one.
I make lists. Lists of my favorite music, lists of songs I think are video-blog worthy, lists of what I want to do in my life... Sometimes I work out, sometimes I don't, sometimes I listen to music constantly (right now I'm playing Keith Urban's '18 Kids' album over and over again. Hence my blog title), sometimes I want to do nothing but watch Friends marathons, sometimes I write in my journal every night, then I'll skip a month.. And sometimes I take lots of pictures of what's going on in my life, sometimes I don't take any pictures at all. How many people are thinking "I do that too!" right now? My mom says that creative people normally do that or else they'll be stuck doing the same thing all the time, so I guess having many phases is a good thing? Right now, I'm really into photo editing (since I'm taking pictures) like Picnik and Instargram... So don't be surprised when all my photos have been edited ;)

Went to tropicana mall for the first time to sing with this band called Threego :)

Getting ready to record :)

After the recording was done, we went to Marmalade. A café/restaurant/living room kind of place.

 They have fancy wallpaper so I had to take a picture of that. 

a GIANT carrot cake. 
(If I didn't tell you what it was you would've guessed it anyway.)

I'm going to update my other picture-less blogs now... 
But before I go...
I'm proud to announce after about 3 months,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brand New

I wanted to tell you about my 'brand new' computer I collected from the apple store yesterday but I. was. so. exhausted because I went for dance class last night and we danced so much. Well, obviously because it's dance class and all..... Anyway, they changed the entire keyboard, track-pad and we didn't have to pay a single cent. Pretty cool huh? At least my track-pad doesn't have a mind of it's own now. Get ready for loads more pictures that didn't post and more covers I didn't upload! *so excited, so excited, so excited!*