my name is Amrita.

i write a lot but i don't say too much (at first). i'm a proud outfit repeater.
i write songs about life, love, and feelings.
i took a personality test once and it said that i'm about 89 percent an introvert which pretty much contradicts my career choice sometimes.
i am that awkward person who says hello to someone and they don't notice- but the person next to them would see and its just always weird.
i love country music. and folk music. so i guess my music is somewhere in between the two but i usually only worry about the genre when i have to check a box before releasing it to spotify.
i read the back of cereal boxes and am a huge fan of lyrics.
the dream is to be on the radio and play random little shows to people everywhere. and have a job writing songs and making music. i hope to have my songs feel like a blanket or a hug, so that you and I both won't feel like we're the only ones.