Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My first post of 2013!
I've been neglecting this blog again since re-discovering the joys of writing with an actual pen on paper. January is already almost at its end and I'll be 17 really soon. Each year, I wish that I wouldn't grow up when I blow off another extra candle off the cake. That wish never comes true and I think its for a good reason if only I knew what that reason is. So far, 2013 has been pretty eventful. Other than writing the wrong date on the top of my homework, I also quit math class. My decision was quickly followed by people telling me what a big mistake it was. I used to like math, I think I still do. I'm very fascinated by the fibonacci spirals that seem to be present in so many everyday things but math in school was pulling the passion out of me. It's like slowly, gradually it became loads of numbers that didn't relate to anything in real life and the fact that we weren't allowed to ask why we were doing such equations was very demotivating. I spent a lot of time trying to understand and appreciate math more but there's only so much I could put myself through before giving up. I've been singing a lot and it's been really fun. Unfortunately, being more comfortable on stage does not translate to better social skills because I don't think I've got any. I'm one of those people who are really quiet until you get to know them and realize that they are crazy. I've been very quiet in school lately. I don't know why. Just like I don't know why I can remember something that happened years ago so clearly but I forgot what I had for dinner the day before. Pondering about life at almost 2 in the morning is becoming a regular routine and I think I'm becoming a little nocturnal.