Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sixteen: I always used to love November, but now it always floods with rain.

I've been in a very happy mood lately. I don't know, I feel happy and comfortable being myself and I'm looking at life from the 'glass is half full' perspective. I realises that these moments are to be appreciated because I don't know when it will go away. With saying that, I spent almost the whole week trying to make myself sad. To the point of tears-streaming-down-my-face kind of induced sadness for a new song I'm almost done recording. I wanted to mean every word, and to do that I had to be mentally in that kind of place I'd normally try to escape. I'm still trying and learning to portray that emotion in my singing because I'm not very expressive. Except when I write. We just finished the vocals today at the studio and I am very happy with the way it is coming together.  I can't wait for you to hear it. I know I keep saying that and yet nothing is released, and I'm so sorry about that. I'm hoping to release something before my 18th birthday. Fingers crossed that all goes as planned!
I'm going to perform at the Penang Island Jazz Festival next week (December 6th-8th) and I'm so excited (I really should use more words other than "exited") because I have never performed outside of Kuala Lumpur before. I mean I have sang in Nashville and California, but within Malaysia I've only performed in KL so this will be my first gig in another state. Also, I'm performing before Liyana Fizi at the Sunrise Stage. Asdfghjkl!!! Check out the festival schedule here if you will be in town then :) http://www.penangjazz.com/wp
November has been CRAZY and so much fun. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to doing nothing.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fifteen: I really don't know life at all.


I've been neglecting this blog again, haven't I? Sorry about that...
Anyway, it's the 6th 16th of November (it took me 10 days to finish writing this) and I'm very happy that this is going to be a busy month and I CAN'T WAIT.

Tuesday was my second day of being back at work. I took a two month break before and now I've decided (with much convincing from my sister) that I work two days a week. It's not too bad, except that today was a holiday and there were a lot of customers. Made. so. much. juice. cut. so. many. oranges... It is fun and both really nerve-wrecking at the same time because you are excited, but then also trying not to mess anything up. It is definitely more fun working with other people rather than just by yourself though. 
After work, I went to an appreciation dinner organised by Winnie Ho and her group to sort of get to know all the other open mic-ers from the previous rounds. Her open mic is a chinese open mic, 脱口唱 and it is very different from other open mics I have attended. Her and her team are really passionate about music and you can just feel their enthusiasm when you walk into the room. They're so nice and supportive too. They organised this meet-up with us performers so that we could share our ideas and network and  get to know each other. It was amazing being amongst these really established artists and hearing their stories and also meeting people like me who are just starting out. 

I've also got exciting news. Treehouse Open Mic is back! I took a really long break from organising it the past couple of months. It will be at Zest Cafe this time, and you can now sign up online here.

This month's open mic will be featuring Juno & Hanna. I met them last month at the Shout Awards' Cafe Session in Subang. I thought they were really amazing and asked if I could feature them and they said yes! 

The other day, I performed at Christian Palencia's (https://www.facebook.com/ChristianBPalencia) Alter:Native KL. He invites a couple of people to come perform and it's a little like an open mic and a mini recital at the same time. I got to be one of the headliners that night (which was AWESOME) and also meet so many people my age doing the same thing I do. I hardly ever get to perform for a room full of people who are actually intently listening me sing and I'm so grateful to him for putting something like this together. And after that night, my facebook page went from like 740 likes to nearly 800 in less than a day. I didn't even know where all those people came from, and if you're one of them, I am very grateful.

I've been performing quite a bit lately, and writing a little here and there. Getting ready to get back in the studio really soon! I'm really excited for this next project ;)