Thursday, April 24, 2014

White Walls

Our house is not quite in a mess. It is in an organised chaos. We have a lot of books. And even when their pages turn brown, we still value them. Every wall is filled with paintings and photographs; we are a very visual family, you see. Our breakfast cereals are not in cabinets but displayed on the kitchen counter making it a little cluttered, but at least we know it is there.
We take pride in our garden. It is not like everyone else's on the block. The grass is long. The leaves grow everywhere and block the sun from shining into our living room. There is a pineapple plant growing almost in the middle, out of nowhere. My sister planted winter melons and that plant gave us more than 10 winter melons in its lifetime. Vines creeped all over the mailbox and even reached up to our roof. Our plants didn't grow in neat rows, and we called our garden our little jungle. There was a time when we were so busy that all our plants turned brown, but Sam and my dad managed to bring it back to its former glory, with a lot of hard work of course. It was beautiful to us. When it was hot, the leaves seem to almost glow in the sunlight. And if you looked closely, you could see little insects coming to visit, nibbling on the leaves. Bees would occasionally fly from flower to flower and within a few days, the number of flowers would double. After it rained, tiny droplets of water still hung on to the lotus leaves and everything sparkled.
Then our grandmother came to visit and our house transformed. All our "rubbish" as she calls it is thrown out, leaving empty spaces on tables, shelves and even the refrigerator. We are complete opposites- we're overly sentimental, while she is overly practical- even with the five of us against her, she still wins.
We were out for the day when the disaster struck. We got back in time only to see the damage. There was nothing we could've done. Gone, was the rice in the flower pot. Gone, was the grass growing through the cracks on our driveway. Gone, gone, gone. The vines we spent years planting were gone too. What used to creep almost all over our walls were brought down to only shreds of roots and leaves on the ground. Our beautiful melon plant that grew around our pine-like tree that made it look like it was christmas all the time is gone too. The ferns that danced when the wind blew; ripped out of its little corner. Everything is bare. Everything feels empty. Everything that made our house feel like a home has literally been destroyed, and all that is left in its place are bare, plain, white walls. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feedback Open Mic at The Bee (featured!!)

A photo from last night at The Bee. Lots of high fives received, and I had a lot of fun. Haha. Thank you for letting me sing, and thanks to those who came! 

(Photograph by Tang Chun Cheuh)


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